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Experience the ReLi Med Difference

With ReLi Med EMR, you gain a fully integrated solution that is certified for Meaningful Use and designed to save your practice time, improve reporting accuracy, and increase cash flow. The following table features solution highlights that allow ReLi Med EMR to stand out among other applications.

The ReLi-able Practice Experience

Built as one system

  • ReLi Med EMR and ReLi Med PM are fully integrated, allowing information to be available in all areas of the application.
  • ePrescriptions and eLabs are included in ReLi Med EMR and flow seamlessly in the system.
  • Patient Portal also functions seamlessly with no additional software or third party service.
  • ReLi Med EMR is fully HIPPA compliant with secure and encrypted data transactions.

Unparalleled Customer Support

  • Your support calls are answered by knowledgeable, friendly support representatives here in the US.
  • Not only do we address support calls, but we listen to our customers to adjust and develop the features and application functionality they request.

Revenue Cycle Management/Billing

  • Auto coding for Tests and Procedures performed in-house with Quantity and Modifiers automatically entered.
  • Automatic charge entry for Immunizations administered.
  • ReLi Med EMR offers you the ability to customize and categorize common CPT codes.
  • ReLi Med’s PM system is fully integrated with ReLi Med EMR, and is designed to help your practice increase collections and reduce denials, while consistently saving you time.

The ReLi-able Provider Experience

Flexibility and Simplicity at its Best

  • Through our cloud-based solution, you have the freedom to chart anywhere, anytime with your laptop/computer.
  • Highly customizable! The ReLi Med Implementation Team trains you on how to create and customize templates, but will customize for you anytime for no additional charge.
  • Flexibility when choosing your charting methods allows you to focus on providing healthcare, not data entry: easy click and chart, narrative notes, dictation.
  • No save buttons needed! Our auto-save feature improves efficiency and allows providers to continue charting without the concern of losing data.
  • Automated Messages are exchanged among the staff members – no additional work for providers to create tasks.
  • Efficiency is yours with Single Click Lab ordering! Lab Result Flow sheets provided with no additional set up.

Clinical Decision Support

  • Helpful patient lists can be generated by age, gender, diagnosis, lab results, medications, and more!
  • Health Maintenance Guidelines can be set up in seconds and are automatically calculated for relevant patients.
  • With ReLi Med EMR, you have easy access to drug dosage recommendations, warnings and side effects, as well as drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interaction checking.
  • ReLi Med EMR offers complete Patient Education and Anticipatory Guidance.
  • The system is designed to store discreet patient data, enabling providers to easily report on Performance Quality Initiatives.

The ReLi-able Office Manager Experience

Reporting Tools

  • Managers can pull beneficial reports that track the pulse of the practice, whether related to patient care coordination, personnel productivity, or revenue cycle management.
  • ReLi Med EMR is Meaningful Use Certified with reports available in the system on demand—at no extra cost.
  • All reports are easy to read and provide a way to export, print, fax or email directly from the system. With all clinical data being stored as discreet data elements, we can easily track patient responses and improvements over time.

Patient Care and Alerts

  • ReLi Med’s scheduler is intuitive and simple to use, seamlessly integrating into the entire EHR system. Its functionality boosts the efficiency of your front desk personnel by helping them easily organize patient communication related tasks.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • ReLi Med EMR Patient Alerts feature provides automated and manual-entry alerts. You can set specific alerts to be shown in the Scheduler, as well as inform your front desk staff about any important tasks or reminders upon patient check-in.

The ReLi-able Patient Experience

Patient Communication

  • Our Patient Portal allows you to further develop patient communications outside of your practice doors.
  • Using a secure login, patients are able to access their Health Records, request appointments, and view lab results.
  • Patients can also exchange messages securely with practice personnel.
  • They can pay their bills online.
  • Patients can get information on their specific medications, illnesses and labs using our Info Button help from the patient portal

Tele Medicine

  • Patients can see their providers from the comfort of their home using our Tele Medicine feature.
  • An extension of the Patient Portal where patients have access to their entire record.
  • Use any mobile device or computer to be connected via video with the physician.

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