Reli MedReli Med

Management Team

Renu Kasula

CEO and Co-FounderRenu Kasula has long had the desire to improve the healthcare industry for both clinicians and patients. She knew that digitizing would vastly improve the system, increasing the quality of care for patients while simultaneously generating the revenue they deserve. It was through these ideals that Kasula created ReLi Med Solutions. Her solution is one that is not only affordable for clinicians, but also betters the overall experience for everyone involved.

Kasula is a graduate of Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan with a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to the establishment of ReLi Med Solutions, Kasula was a founding partner and Clinical Lead of CareAnyware, a web-based solutions provider in home health and hospice.

Lisa Davies

COO and Co-Founder

As COO and Co-Founder, Lisa Davies brings to ReLi Med Solutions an expansive background in automated billing systems and a passion for Healthcare IT. Her goals have always been and continue to be to bring a greater level of efficiency, simplicity, and ReLiability to the healthcare billing system.

Davies holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Carolina. Before collaborating with Renu Kasula to co-found ReLi Med Solutions, Davies was a founding partner and board member at CareAnyware, a web-based solutions provider in home health and hospice.

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