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Practice Management

Our Practice Management Solution is fully integrated with our EMR. Built as one product where clinical charting drives billing allowing physicians to remain focused on patient care rather than business.


ReLi Med Scheduler allows Scheduling by Provider, Resources and more. It allows many different views for the front desk while providing easy options to verify insurance and view patient balances and alerts.

Automated Claims

As tests, procedures, screenings, and immunizations are charted, ReLi Med EMR automates the charge entry. This ensures that every service performed generates revenue.

Automated Posting

Automated posting is not unique to ReLi Med, but the level of customization for billers is. You control the automation to maximize productivity

Claim Alerts and Reminders

We provide automated claim scrubbing with real-time alerts to produce cleaner claims, yielding higher collections, faster. Our claim reminders act as an essential tool to help improve the communication between billing and clinical staff.

In Depth Reporting

Comprehensive reporting on the financial health of your practice is just a few clicks away. These reports can be viewed at a number of different levels to help your billing team maximize revenue and stay on top of AR.

Notable Features

  • Scheduler
  • Electronic Billing and Posting
  • Claim Scrubbing
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • In-depth Reporting

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