Reli MedReli Med


There are many good qualities of this system. I have worked in the healthcare field for 12 years now and I am over 5 primary care practices currently. I have always kept up with different systems such as Allscripts, Athena, and Epic. The systems do much of the same but once you sign a contract with the larger systems the customer service goes down and changes to the larger systems are impossible it seems. I first look at cost; Reli Med is way more affordable compared to the other systems. Second, I look at how easy it is to use. Reli Med is very user-friendly from the front desk to the providers. Reli Med is constantly improving the system to customize for the providers; which is a great plus. Other systems will point you to a video online and do not explain it like Reli Med.
The clinics have improved since the move to Reli Med and quality care measures are making us stay independent and grow the practices.
Cons: I really can not think of one! It always can be cheaper.
I would recommend this System to others!! If you give them a chance you will not be disappointed!