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Before choosing ReLiMed, we were signed on with a “highly rated” EMR (which shall remain nameless). The product was pretty good – not as easy and intuitive as ReLiMed – but fairly good. However, once we signed on – they disappeared. On numerous occasions we had questions, or ran into problems, and tried to contact them. They never answered the phone! I ended up having to call their “corporate headquarters” in San Francisco to get someone from their Southern U.S. (main) office to call me back. Spent two hours on the phone just trying to speak with a live person!

Naturally, when I reached this person I didn’t ask about the problem. I inquired about how to go about canceling the service.

So, my wife and I went on a “hunt” for the best EMR for our pediatric practice.

We spoke to other doctors, did our own Internet research, and looked at the highest rated EMR systems on Software Advice. We made a list of what we thought were the top eight – the “best of the best”.

Then we contacted each one and sat through eight separate live demonstrations, asking questions, taking notes, and becoming fully immersed.

We whittled the eight down to four fairly quickly. Then down to three. Then two.

We went back and forth between the top two contenders, and after careful consideration – we chose a winner. ReLiMed EMR!

No, the look of their system didn’t “wow” us with some fancy colored icons and such like some of the others, but their system was effective, intuitive, and easy on the eyes.

The training session was wonderful (three days) and all three of us (my wife, our receptionist, and me) left feeling that we were well-versed in how to operate the system.

We were pleased to discover that although this system is so easy, it is (technically) very advanced, with many “layers”. I’m not an IT guy, nor am I very versed with words to describe, however believe me when I say this EMR has very powerful capabilities.

Since we’ve begun using it in the office, we’ve had to contact ReLiMed’s technical department to ask a question. I think you’d find this to be true with any EMR you choose. What differentiates ReLIMED EMR from others is you can actually reach a live person all of the time. Yesterday, July 4th – a holiday – we called in for a question and the call was picked up on the second ring. The technician was extremely knowledgable and friendly. She spent about 20 minutes on the phone with the three of us. The “problem” wasn’t a problem with the EMR, but was on our end – as we hadn’t used this particular function before. The tech assumed control of our computer – with our permission – and walked us through the operation, which ended up being very easy. We’ve experienced this same level of personal service on two other occasions before this.

Neither my wife nor I can think of another product and/or service that we’ve ever been this thrilled with.

ReLiMed is aptly named.

If we could give six stars (or ten) – we would!

Highly recommended!